We firstly get to know your brand inside out, it’s your baby so we want to show it the love it deserves. We then match you with the social media influencer who best suits your brand using actionable analytics.

About Us

Golden Owl Agency is India’s first Influencer aggregation and Talent Management agency with a unique course of action and Specialised curriculum for Artist Growth. We use live data to track in-depth intelligent analytics using our 'dedicated eye metrics' system which we use to highly target only the target audience which is your potential future customer and decipher the non-potential ones for brands. We create a customized ad campaign keeping your brand ethics in mind with the help of "Nothing but extraordinary" social media celebrities.


We discuss how you want your brand communicated through their social media platform and work closely with the influencer so your campaign is executed exactly how you want it. Our Dedicated Eye Metrics Technology processes thousands of videos’ data points per second to provide actionable analytics and intelligence to ensure you’re connected with a host of opportunities & insights to see what delivers the best results for your brand.
Our technology helps:
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    MCNs           Media Agencies      


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